Reflektor 2016

The first ever REFLEKTOR Light Festival took place in Søndermarken, Copenhagen, in October 2016. The goal of the festival was to showcase the functionality of light, that light can reveal spaces otherwise left dark and forgotten, but also work as an enabler for people to meet and interact with each other.

The vast and dark park, normally left empty during evenings and nights, hosted a celebration of light art, open to everyone. Site specific light installations, developed especially for Søndermarken’s unique setting, illuminated both hidden and open spaces of the park. While an event programme developed to showcase the diversity of light offered free light activities such as pop-up talks, workshops, guided walks and sound performances.

REFLEKTOR16 exhibited 10 light installations, created by a diverse group of Danish and international artists, designers, students and architects including: Jakob Kvist (DK), Christina Augustesen (DK), Brian Ravnholt Jepsen (DK), Byen Sover (DK), Eva Koch (Cisternerne), Tokyo Blue (DK), Ruby Horstman (NL), Malmö Stad (SE), Michael Cleary /AAU Cph (IR) and AAU Cph, Lighting Design students.

The light installations individually influenced the visitor’s experience of the park, while the park mutually became a part of each art piece.

REFLEKTOR16 aimed to spread knowledge about light across the divers target groups; citizens, artists and light professionals and during the course of 3 days it became a meeting point for around 6.000-8.000 people, old and young. The event program proved itself successful in creating meetings and stir conversations about light from different perspectives – a learning that the team behind REFLEKTOR brings with us in the development of future festivals.


Photo credit: Kim Matthäi Leland

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Head of Design


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